“Having Passion for Fashion” Gretchen Fullido:The Fashionista Reporter

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          Gretchen fullido,one of ABS-CBN’s top entertainment correspondents.With her beautiful face and enthusiastic delivery of the news,this TV Patrol’s Star Patroller could also easily pass off as a celebrity!But when she thought about what she wanted to do with her life,Gretchen said she wanted to try something different. “I wanted to be the one who was asking questions.I like being able to get to know a person more.I’m that kind of person.”
Gretchen’s first on-cam  stint was when she was the courtside basketball reporter for the University of the Philippines (UP) Fighting Maroons,where she graduated in 2008 with a degree in Film and Audio Visual Communication.”I studied filmmaking,I love directing.So I told myself that if I don’t succeed as a broadcaster in front of the camera,I can always work behind the camera.”But fortunately enough,she was able to find her way as one of the country’s most popular showbiz reporters.She gained recognition not only for the hot stories she reports but also for her admirable passion sense. “Having passion for fashion is something natural for me,but I don’t try to dress up,It’s just that I learned more about fashion because of my job and because of the environment I’m in”,Gretchen shares. “I actually,or maybe subconciously,learn from the celebrities I interview! Kunwari ma-cu-cute-an ako sa outfit ng isang celebrity then I’ll experiment the look on myself.”
“Whatever makes you feel sexy or good,by all means,wear it! It’s not hiding what yoy want to hide,but highlighting your assets,”says Gretchen, who revealed that she considers her shoulder as her best asset because it sets the tone for her whole look and makes her waist look smaller. “I like to think I have  toned shoulders because I was a swimmer since I was six and I was also in the national team.”
“I’m a bit curvy so not all clothes will go well with my body type,but there are ways to make it look like a Coca-Cola bottle.I wear a garterized belt to highlight my waist and nice hips.” Gretchen also explained that she has a big bust so she also highlights it but still in a conservative manner. “It’s not about flaunting it.Bottom line is even if you’re wearing shorts,tsinelas,sando or anything,as long  as you feel like you’re rocking the outfit,just keep in mind that IT’S NOT THE CLOTHES CARRYING YOU.IT’S YOU CARRYING THE CLOTHES.”

For TV Patrol,”I have my stylist Franco Saycon.I am beyond blessed to have my very talented friend help me pick-up clothes.I always love what she chooses for me.

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Gretchen Fullido is considered as the Star Patroller and she gave her tips on how to be a good  showbiz reporter:

  • Practice your report two up to three times
  • Be on yourself
  • Be sure to begin your preparation well in advance before the actual  reporting
  • Your aim is not to impress in front of the cam but rather to inform
  • When things go wrong,don’t panic! set your mind,focus and the show must go on!
  • Smile and be Confident in delivering the news
  • Speak like you know what your topic is all about
  • If you are going to start to speak and your voice is shaky,pause for a while and take a deep breath
  • Lastly,Prepare a remarkable ending line.




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