Campaign Speech as an Effective Public Speaking

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      We live in an era today,where political,economic, and social events dominate and determine the outcome of people’s life and destiny.We cannot deny the fact that all nations are ruled by political parties that set-up a particular government best suited to the needs of the people to be governed within that nation.Even in local and domestic areas of life,there is a dominant political body that dictates and runs the local and domestic life of the community.For this reason,there is a need for someone to be chosen to head the government,the provincial or local areas,the community,the school body and many organizations.Thus,there is a need for choosing a leader to govern or to run the nation and the different levels or aspects of of our life.

      The potential leaders formed their owned political parties,made necessary preparations on how to appeal and to win the masses through a campaign methods which is CAMPAIGN SPEECHES that is an  essential ingredient of winning the people unanimously.It would indeed be impossible for anyone who would run for a political office or non-political position without having to make at least a few stirring speeches.

You are going to be a potential leader in the near future.Involvement in the political affairs of the country,or the community,business organization or college activities will require participation in these matters. You will gave the desire to make changes if you see that there is no progress or development in the way of life.The status demands a change and you think that you are the one to take the necessary steps to change or bring about the       much needed reforms or changes to bring new life and better ways to improve the country,the community,business organization or the school where you belong.Since you believe that, one day, you will be a leader, you need to learn the techniques of making campaign speeches through effective public speaking.


      To win the election is your main goal as a potential president of a nation,business organization, or a university or a school. For this reason to achieve your goal- to win the overwhelming plurality of votes,you must remember the following factor-a singular and a specific message to deliver and a distinguished personality or extraordinary image you will demonstrate to the public when you run for the election.

      As a potential leader,you must remember that what will win the election for you and will help you achieve your goal to be chosen president of a nation,head of a business organization,president in school officers and others will be the SINGULAR or SPECIFIC message that you will convey to the people who will vote for you.Of course,presenting the precise and essential message will go far in guaranteeing your success.

      For example when Ferdinand Marcos campaigned for presidency in the 1960’s,his main message was “THIS NATION WILL BE GREAT AGAIN”……….or during the martial law years during the 1970’s,Marcos single theme was “SA IKAUUNLAD NG BAYAN DISIPLINA ANG KAILANGAN”.In the 1986 political campaign of Corazon Aquino for presidency,the exceptional message she delivered was “TAMA NA,SOBRA NA,PALITAN NA.” And these messages were carried on to every person in every part of our country-whether in the city,in the provincial areas,in the schools and most of the parts of the Philippines.During the election of 1986,observers believed that the late President Marcos would still win by a majority of votes over Corazon Aquino,the opposition candidate but the dramatic and extraordinary events that took place in the country changed the whole national situation and,through a tremendous and overwhelming display of PEOPLE POWER, Corazon Aquino was installed as the President of the Philippines.The stirring single message of  “TAMA NA,SOBRA NA,PALITAN NA” did produce the change of leadership.





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