Learning from the World and Learning for the World

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Learning new things increases your knowledge about new things and if it is with fun, then it will also increase your interest to learn that thing and that’s how I felt in the entire semester in our Computer II.

As an AB Communication student in La Verdad Christian College, I came across a computer subject which is bound to end in just a few weeks. As an individual who is keen to gain an in-depth knowledge all about computers, it’s always not quite easy for me. A whole day may not be enough for me to state all the things that I have learned in the entire semester, so let me just summarize my learnings.

I learned so much in just a single semester. From the preliminary term up to the current term which is the last and the final term. I have learned to manipulate social media in a good way, the proper way to create blogs, website and many more.

During the prelims, I learned a lot of technical terms associated with computers. I learned the differences between the three network communication technology. I also learned how to convert measurements used in data manipulations, the different types of communication, media transmissions and more…….

I also learned the different trivial facts like the meaning of the Bluetooth symbol which was taken from the name of the Danish King Harald Blatand- the king responsible for the merge of Denmark and Norway. I also came to know that “wireless fidelity” is not the real meaning of the term “Wifi”. I also learned the different layer of the network protocols which is the OSI or Open Systems Interconnection and the process of its encapsulation and de-encapsulation.

During the midterms, we started making our own blogs and our knowledge on how to use social media has been expanded. Student writing improves the more they do it. Instead of traditional writing projects, blogs create great opportunities for us to write and display our writing on a larger scale. The topic ideas are endless. Have students reflect on lessons such as this one. We are ask to illustrate our thoughts with photos or videos.

By having students read each other’s blog posts, we have created a stronger community with one another, discovering shared experiences and reactions. Because our work becomes part of the greater World Wide Web, we, students have increased motivation to carefully consider our language, spelling, and grammar usage as well as how we draw in outside information.

In the current term, which is sadly about to last, I have learned to create our own website. It was difficult to insert tags, videos and images but it was harder to encode because there are so many codes needed in order to finish the website. It was thrilling to realize that a young individual like me can do a website that, who knows, can be popular in the near future. Building a website is a great way to share our ideas and thoughts with the world. There’s all that http-dot-whatever and <tag this=””> and <tag that=””> and how to insert pictures and text here and there….

We created our own website by ourselves. We thought that it’s impossible to create our own website but by simply typing in HTML code into a text editor, we edited it until it looked the way we wanted it to.

HTML looks complicated, it’s hard at first, but once you get the feel of it, it’s not that difficult.

The website we have created is both for fun and for the benefits of those who will be going to visit our website. Knowing our expectations makes it much easier both to design our own website, and to track and make sense of the results.

Building our own website is going to take a commitment of time and possibly money, so we set a limit on both, and then dig in. The plan doesn’t have to be a big, complicated or a fancy graphic presentation, but at the very least, we all want to consider what it will do for us and especially for those who are going to visit our website.

I thoroughly appreciate the unending effort of our professor for teaching us full-packed informations about computers. One thing I liked is that we held quizzes every meeting which makes it easier for us to answer our major exams at the end of each terms. This industriousness inspired me to learn more about making blogs and creating my own websites and of course, learning more about computers.

My present knowledge about computers might be just a bit compared to computer experts, but it is enough to be a stepping stone for my stairway to success.


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